Sunday, April 22, 2012

Where oh Where Did the Weekend Go????? and a Give-away Win!!!

Going to try out a new post with the new blogger and see how it goes -- so here goes.
We had all these great plans to go south for an Antique Extraganza but 80 and 90 percent chance of rain with two rain fronts, so we stayed close and of course, it didn't rain like they said it would.  We did go to the local Strawberry Festival, a lot better this year, my hubby also buys from this one potter and luckily he was there.  This is a picture of him, holding one of the pieces my hubby bought from, an alligator.  His wife is a dollmaker.

 We then headed to a large antique mall, just a few pics of some of the things, I would love to have brought home with me----
 They had a section called the Old General Store, a lot of real antiques and some repros
 Every type of kitchen item you can imagine ...
just a few of their rolling pins ...
 Reproduction feed sacks
 I finished up this couple this afternoon, the Pilgrim Couple, from a Sweet  Meadows Farm pattern.
 And one of the my favorites, I purchased a doll from Sugar and Spice on ETSY and she had I took an old pattern that I had, not sure who the designer was, and added glasses and dark blonde hair, I named her after me---Cyndy,  I told my hubby and son that I made her to look like me, but they weren't too impressed.
 And finally, a big thank you to Jennifer of hoodies and flipflops and her friend Patsy Littrell, who doesn't have a blog.  I won a beautiful sewing bag made by Patsy and filled with yo-yo's from Jennifer.  I have plans for the yo-yo's, I saw some flowers made from them and I think some of my dolls would love them.   Thank you ladies for a great give-away.
Well, until next time, hopefully the week will fly by, but probably not.  Hope  everyone has a fun-filled week.  Cyndy


  1. She DOES look like you! What a precious doll with the cute glasses! Sounds like you had fun! We stayed inside's raining and windy and our wind chill is 29 degrees! What a shock! lol Enjoy your week, my friend!

  2. Love your hubby alligator! The mall looks fun with some cool stuff in it! All those rolling pins!! Your pilgrim couple are wonderful, I love the faces. Congrats on the win, beautiful bag and all those yo-yos. Can't wait for Cyndy to get here!!

  3. That would be the case... you don't go somewhere on purpose because of the weather forecast and it didn't even do what they said. But it looks like you had a great day anyway! I love that picture of the potter holding hubby's alligator. His smile just says it all.

    Oh my word! I'm so glad our antique stores around here don't have a huge general store/kitchen collection like that! That is my weakness. I always buy kitchen utensils and sewing notions every single time I go antiquing, not on purpose either... that's just what jumps in my hands, lol. I LOVE that big rack of rolling pins, so very cool!

    Very cute pilgrim couple. Love the Cyndy doll, adorable! Have fun with the yo-yos, they will make wonderful flowers.

  4. Well Cyndy...the rain you didn't get...we did! Started Saturday evening and continued till Sunday mid afternoon. I'm not complaining because we sure need it! At least, I travelled to one of your favorites, Joann's, to get some brown wool for my May give away. Started working on it but had to quit and type lesson plans for this week. Have tried all weekend but having trouble with internet knocking me off. Love the Cyndy look alike and the pilgrim couple. Glad you were able to get out and have some fun!

    Darlene xxoo

  5. Your doll with the glasses is too cute! My husband and I love antique shopping. Have not had a chance too in a while. Have a great week too!


  6. Love your doll with the glasses and the pilgrims.
    We had very heavy rain last night with light on and off showers during the day. Where is the antique mall you went to. If's its not too far, I'd like to see it. Have a great week.

  7. Your doll with the glasses is very cute!!
    We have a big flea market coming up in May that has 2500 to 3000 venders there. Hope it doesn't rain that weekend.

  8. I think the doll looks like the pilgrim dolls.The pottery is neat.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. Oh, I love the pilgrim couple! very cute :)

  10. I love the Pilgrim couple, too. They are fabulous. And your look-a-like dolly is precious. It looks like there were great antiques at the mall. Congratulations on the giveaway win. The yo-yo's will come in handy.

  11. I was hoping we'd get more rain but at least we got some. Looking forward to our rainy season and praying we HAVE one! Love the old kitchen pieces. My MIL has 2 nice spinning wheels in her home. I love seeing them! I think the new dolly is cute and I LOVE the Pilgrim couple!!

  12. Wow Cyndy what a wonderful antique shop ~ I could spent hours there!
    Wonderful creations ~ the doll looks like you ~ so cute!
    Hope you have a wonderful week too!
    Prim Blessings

  13. I love the Cyndy doll. she is too cute!

  14. I love the sewing bag - I love making yoyos - I have a drawer full of them. You can make so many things from them...table runners, placemats, coasters, and like you said on dolls, I use them with dolls as flowers...then you can prim them with your tea/coffe mixture.I also like your Cyndy's of the dolls I made recently I named after my neighbor...because it looked like her

    Smiles and huggs,

  15. Your dolls are beautiful.
    Kiss from Italy



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