Monday, April 30, 2012

Stitchin' away ...

Hope everyone had a great weekend, as usual,  not loong enough.   We did some shopping on Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend at home.  It was HOT, in the low 90's and fires all around, my son has been out to 4 fires in the last 3 days, one they spent over 6 hours trying to put out.  We keep hoping for lots of rain.

I have been busy working on stuff for the fall shows, organized a little and have a lot of stuff draw out, just need to sew and stuff.  This is the shelf where I store my dolls until its time to pack them up, need lots more, I am way behind this year.
 My new elves, from a Kat's Kountry Prims pattern.  I love these guys.
 Made up another trio of small Raggedies, from a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern.  These are great for using up fabric scraps.
 And of course, just in time for Mother's Day, one of my favorites, Mama Raggedy and her baby.  From a Happy Hearts Pattern.

I have to say, I am really liking the new blogger, uploading pictures is so much easier and faster.  Hopefully, they won't change anything for awhile.  Hope you all have a great week.  Cyndy


  1. Those little elves are cute Cyndy. It is dry here too but not in the 90's. Hope we all get some rain soon.


  2. WOW...look at that shelf of dolls I get to choose from this year...can't wait. From your shelf to mine!

    Darlene xxoo

  3. Love everything! I wish you could send a little of that heat this way, we can not get out of the 50's here. Hope you get some rain soon. Colleen

  4. Everything looks so Beautiful. You have been busy! Love the raggedies and the elves are adorable.

  5. Wow...looks like you have been busy. I so need to start working on goodies for my shows that are this Fall. Love your work...everything is wonderful !!

  6. Wow..that is a lot of dolls. I wish I had half your energy. I am sure they will all be gone when the show ends.

  7. Wow We you sure are a talented friend!
    Love them all.
    Great job

  8. I'm so impressed! You are doing great getting ready for your Fall craftshows! I don't even have a fourth what you've done. I need to pick up the pace. Great job on you. And of course I love all of your crafts especially your raggedies.


  9. WOW! If that is behind, then I have no hope! Your creations are wonderful! ~*~Lisa

  10. woman you are busy and I love those elves with the big ears..they are just so stinking cute.;o) hope you get rain soon..take care and have a great week.)

  11. Boy Cyndy, you have been busy. Love the elves~ their ears are so cute! We've had fires in the mtns around us and am now getting some rain. Hope some it makes it down your way.

  12. Holy Cats Cyndy ~ Look at all those wonderful creations ~ You go girl!!!
    Hope you get the rain your praying for!
    Prim Blessings

  13. I am going to need a shelf soon for all of my dollies.I love em so much its hard to use them in projects unless that project stays at my house. Check out my new giveaway and invite your friends, its a nice dea!!!!


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