Monday, February 21, 2011

I Won A Pattern from Sweet Meadows Farm and what I have been working on ..

I was taking a breaking at work, a couple days ago and was checking the blog updates and saw that Maureen had posted and said the first 3 peeps to leave a comment would win a free pattern,  well, I figured I would be way too late, but guess what, I was the first.  This is the pattern I choose. Stand Up Kinda Guy-Santa.  Thank you, Maureen, your patterns are the best. 

 These are a few of the dolls I have been working on this week, this small Raggedy Ann and Andy.
 Another Raggedy and her dollie, (Sweet Meadows Farm Pattern)
 One of Chestnut Junctions patterns
 Another bagholder (Sweet Meadows Farm)
 Another another one by Sweet Meadows Farm.
I have been extemely lucky with my ETSY sales, I have made over 80 dolls, since the first of the year.  ETSY shoppers are the best.  Thank you.

I have several new patterns that I would like to try, hopefully that will be soon, I don't know where the time goes.  Till next time, Happy Crafting, Cyndy


  1. I love the them all but my fav is the raggedy with the sock monkey apron.

  2. Cyndy, You are SOOOO talented!!! Your dolls are gorgeous and I proudly own a couple of your ornies! I still have my little "Valentines" sheep ornie in my bathroom with my other lamb prims!!!

  3. They all are adorable..! Cute..!

  4. Cyndy they are all so cute. I wish I could have one of each!


  5. You are the luckiest person...not me..but I did win $50 off my eye exam and glasses and I am still trying to figure out if I really was credited the amount...there are so many charges...I think they do this on purpose so you can not figure it out.Somewhere I read on your have made 80 dolls this year.. do you take stuff to work and work on them. You and your sister can get the most done in the shortest amount of both are my motivation. I am home all day but I always find something else to do other than crafting. I have Spring Fever now and it may last a long time. Patterns from Sweet Meadows are my favorites.


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