Friday, November 16, 2012

Back from our show ----

We had a great show in Moultrie, Georgia.  We changed our display a little this year and already have plans for next year.  We decided we are getting too old to be dragging all the displays around.  Next, my hubby is planning to go, he will be retired. He is feeling much better and hopes to go back to work next month, then retire in Feb or March.  I told him he needs to learn how to stuff dolls, but he just isn't interested in that!

 I made a Raggedy tree, I found these trees a few years ago, marked down to $10.00 each.
 I didn't get a picture, but got to visit with Maxie and her husband, of Prims and Annies.
 We used more tables and crates this year, there will be more next year.
 Me, with my dollies
 Mary with her monkeys, that is another crafter in the background, Jackie, they make great prim signs and painting on old items.
 The crowds were good and they were buying, this was 2:00 the first day
 So, that made for a loooong day on Sunday.
 A cotton field on our way to Moultrie
 Everyone has been sick at work, so, of course, Mary started feeling bad at the show and on Monday, I got it.  Thankfully, we made it through the show.

A new Christmas doll, a pattern by Raggedy Smiles.  I used a camel color yarn for her hair and love the way it turned out.
I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


  1. What a wonderful show you had! 'So glad it was fun for you. The new Christmas doll with the camel-colored hair is beautiful, I love her. It's always great to see your new items.

  2. Wow what a lovely show you had..really looks like lot of fun..
    Hugs and love xx

  3. So glad you had an awesome some, sure wish I could attend. You have the most wonderful prims! Hugs, Lecia

  4. Hi was good to see you and Mary. As you know I was not feeling too good at the show..I am so glad I made it through because I am really sick glad I don't have to work. It was a good show for me too..and Sunday was the best we have had in over 10 years that we have been attending.
    Sending get well soon wishes to all,

  5. Good Morning,
    I'm so glad for you, you had a fabulous turnout for your show. The dollies are beautiful as always, I always love seeing how perfect the faces always turn out. The camel yarn is a nice difference.

  6. Oh, how I hate setting up for a show! I don't blame you for simplifying the process. I'm always amazed at those who bring everything but the kitchen sink! Sorry I missed you at McIntosh. We should've met up somewhere. I did get to see Sandy, though,
    Great Raggedies! No wonder you sold out!

  7. I would be in heaven to see a booth like yours at a show! So glad sales were good. It's so amazing, how much you create! EZ set up & take down is a must. Have a good Thanksgiving! ~*~Lisa

  8. What a wonderful show! I would LOVE to go next year! I'm so glad you sold lots of your precious dolls. They really are the cutest! And I would love to see all of Maxie's pretty things, too! Enjoy your weekend...get some rest!

  9. Great display! Would love for you to make a post on secrets of sucess for craft shows!! Happy recouperation!! Blessings, Laura
    P.S. Where'd you get your snow? Love it!! Laura

  10. Your display is wonderful!! let me know if you get hubby to stuff your dolls hehe, I keep telling mine to come help me with my items, but it IS football season haha. SOO happy to hear he is feeling better!That is great !

  11. Hi Cyndy,
    Your booth looks amazing! I just love all your raggedies! Glad to hear you had a great show!


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