Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It has been awhile ....

In my last post, I said I didn't want another week like we just had, but 4 days later we did.  Hubby had his second heart attack in 10 days.  He spent another 8 days in  CICU, they implanted a pacemaker/defib device, hoping that it might help him.  He is home now and recovering slowly.  Hopefully, we won't have another scare for a long while.  I didn't get a chance to reply to everyone who left a comment on my first post, but thank you for your concern and prayers.

I started sewing again, catching up on some orders.  We have a show in 3 weeks, I am hoping, if hubby doesn't have another "episode" that we will be able to do it.  My son, said he would "daddysit". If not, a big sale coming.  Sons are wonderful, I don't know what I would have done without him!

While at the hospital, I did a lot of reading on my Kindle,and worked on a few wool projects.
 I also made up a new Christmas doll, after he got home.
 And my last witch of the year, a custom order with a frog.

Once again, thank  you for all of your comments and prayers, hopefully  life will  get back to semi-normal.  Till the next time, Cyndy


  1. Oh Cyndy - What a terrible time you have had :-( I'm so sorry to hear about your dear hubby and hope he is on the mend now. Sending you blessings and saying prayers for your hubby.

  2. Will keep you and your hubby in my prayers. I'm sorry to hear he had another episode but praying the pacemaker will take care of things. Good that you have your sons near by to help. Stay strong and trust that he will recover soon.
    Been a rough few months around my house with my husband having brain surgery in July so I know how you must be feeling.
    Take care.
    Bless you,

  3. oh dear..you and your hubby are in my prayers...
    sending you lots of love and prayers xxx

  4. Morning Friend
    You and your hubby have been in my prayers.
    Love your new dolls.
    Sending you a hug


  5. Glad he's home and, although recovery will be slow, at least it's RECOVERY! LOVE ALLLLLLL of your new creations!! My prayers and good wishes are with your family.

  6. I'm glad he is home...no place like home to feel better. I'm keeping him in my prayers...and you, too! Love the cute things you're working on, especially your dolls! Sweet hugs!

  7. Oh what a scare for you.Hoping for a quick recovery.Wonderful your son is helping out too.Will keep you in prayer.~Amy

  8. Cyndy...I have been thinking alot about you lately! Sorry to hear about your hubby's recent setback...hoping he is feeling better. I will continue to keep him in my thoughts and prayers along with you and son, too. I know how sudden illness can turn everyone's world upside down...just get plenty of rest or you will be sick. Love your new creations...but then again...I am a "Crafty Stitchers Addict!"

    -Darlene xxoo

  9. So sorry to hear that your husband has suffered another attack. It is good that he is on the road to recovery. You are still in my prayers. The new Christmas doll is precious!


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