Sunday, March 11, 2012

Working, cleaning and getting ready for Monday

Well, this is my second post today, I lost the first one, how I don't know, so here goes again.

I have been busy working on orders and trying to do a little cleaning in the craft room. Here is, yet another picture of the bright haired little Annies, this was a special order for one of my great customers.  The green haired ones have been the most popular,  I am still amazed at the response for these.

 Another prim Annie with a sewn monkey and monkey print apron.  A Raggedy Old Annies pattern.
 A large Annie with a teddy bear, she is on her way to Virginia tomorrow.
 Another order for a Annie with monkey
 Two more, using a Minnie mouse and Hello Kitty theme,  the kitty is actually a PEZ container that I added a little dress to.  If anyone has any small mickey mouse, minnie mouse, hello kitty, disney, etc. small plush toys or small vintage raggedy anns and wants to sell (cheap!!) or swap, please email me, as I am going to  do more theme dolls.
 Another Easter dollie, with a prim chick from a pattern that I won from Woodland Primitives.  The little doll is an Oh Sew Dollin pattern.
 Finally, made myself go into the craft room and clean a little, it was and still is a disaster.  This is my sewing table, which actually is a drop leaf table that belonged to my grandmother.  The table runner is from a swap with Gina at Cat Nap Inn Primitives.
 Some swap dolls , the large Raggedy is from Jean at Prim Crafts and the small Raggedy, from Lil Raggedy Angie.  The cat pillow is from Gina also and the Button pillow, I bought from Jennifer at Stitchin Thyme.
 These two girls are from EBAY, and the little black church doll is one of the late Janice of Black  Creek Primitives, the shoes are from a swap with Linda of Parkers Paradise and the primitive sign from Cynthia of the Flowering Angel
 the other end of the craft room, as you can see, needs lots of work, I need to get rid of some books and add storage baskets.
and on the other side, notice Lecia's bonnets and dress.
Well, guess I need to start dinner, we are having chicken t etrazini (spelling?) and get my stuff ready for the Walking Dead tonight.  I hope everyone has a great week, Happy Sewing, Cyndy


  1. So very cute Cyndy, love this Easter doll also, such a cute little chick! We are cleaning out the kids' rooms, I have a little stuffed M&M guy that's a cutie. Gonna go through my daughter's next week so there is no telling what all we'll find. She had a little hello kitty and build a bear but I think she got rid of those last year. We are gonna have a garage sale in April so I'll see what I come across this month. I'll gather it, take pictures and see if you want any of it.

    You have a wonderful, nice sewing room! I have an "area" of a room, how nice it would be to have this much room, hehe. As many handmades that you offer for sale, that sewing machine must be smoking all the time. =]

    Happy Sunday~

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  2. Love the dolls Cyndy, they are so bright and cheery. You have a huge room to work in, your so lucky, I am in a small extra bedroom. One of these days I may move to the basement, but gosh that's so much work, LOL.
    Warm Wishes,

  3. Cyndy,

    Love the little annies with the monkeys..might just have to buy one or both. Hey do you think you could do a policeman andy? Since my son is in the police academy, I thought I would try to get him one to go with his girlfriends nurse annie. JLMK. Thanks.


  4. Love your cute!! I love your big sewing/craft room. I have mine in the littlest bedroom, so there other room could be a guest room. I sew upstairs and do all my painting down stairs in the dining room.

  5. oh your runner and kitty pillow seem to be right at home with you..I love where you put everything..have a wonderful week ahead.:)

  6. Holy cow girl you've been busy!!! Wonderful creations!!!
    I must say your craft room looks alot better than mine.
    Have a great week!
    Prim Blessings

  7. busy busy for certain ! Love them all ! your craft room looks like mine "multi purpose" yet yours is much cleaner! :0) As soon as I get through this coming weeks show Ill raid the princess' toy stash and see if I have any mini friends we can part with for your theme dolls ! Have a great week! hugs lil raggedy angie

  8. Hi, Cyndy:
    It's so great to see the works of some of the bloggers I follow decorating homes of others.
    Your craft room is HUGE. I'm in my dining room right now because the entire enclosed front porch is crammed with things from our second floor, so it's good that you have a craft room. I don't think it's a disaster at all. I love the bright haired raggedies, but my fave is still the ones with the monkeys.
    Have a great Monday morning.

  9. Hi Cyndy!
    You sure are a busy gal! I always love seeing your doll creations. I have a bunch of beenie babies ~ mostly bears and if you want them your welcome to them ~ there not disney or such but you may be able to do some themes from them, just let me know?? I'd happily send them to you for free!
    Have a great week, happy crafting!

  10. All your dolls are beautiful¡¡¡

  11. Hi, love your raggedies especially the one that is going to virginia. your craft room is relly big. . I actually don't have one. I make the space on the table or wherever. All crafter's dream is to have a craft room big or small.
    God Bless You. Hugs

  12. Oh how I love your dolls!! I am so grateful I stumbled on your post! I will dig around here and see what I can find to send you that you may can use!

  13. Hola Cindy tienes un blog lleno de grandes creaciones, tus muñecas son bellísimas y me ha encantado tu cuarto de costura, felicidades.



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