Saturday, November 5, 2011

Busy Weekend

It seems like that all that I am doing right now,is SEW!  I have a show next weekend in Moultrie, Ga. and hoping I have enough.  I keep thinking of one more thing that I would like to make.  We made a quick trip to Gainesville this morning, it was Gator Homecoming, wanted to get home before the traffic got bad.  Joann's had some great coupons,  I spent $247.00 and using the coupons got it down to $152.00.  I bought 27 yds. of the tea-dyed muslin, it is very hard to find the whole bolt without special ordering. I used my 40 percent off coupon then I got another 25 percent off the total order.
 Made a few more Christmas bagholder dolls
 A large Christmas doll, she is from a Raggedy Smiles pattern. It looks like I need to trim her hair a little more.
 These are the trees I made on some of the $1.00 bobbins, that I got at the craft show.  I still need to add a star to the one and  tags.  I used an Old Annie Primitves pattern for the trees.
 I made some more little angels, these are selling really well.  I can use alot of my scraps with this little angel.

Now, for some sad news, RJ (Whiskers) no longer lives near us, his owners have split and the wife moved all of her stuff, including the dogs.  This is one of my last pictures of RJ, stealing an air filter my hubby had just changed, notice the trash around him, all courtesy of RJ.  My hubby is missing that little dog, I am hearing talk of him getting a dog.

And my Witch pumpkin, won 2nd place.  We had our patrons vote on their favorite for the month of October.  Already bought my pumpkin for next year.

Well, hope you all have a great weekend, it's back to sewing for me.  I want to have a give-away  soon, it has been a little over a year and I want to celebrate that I have reached almost 300 followers and had over 500 sales on ETSY. Wish me luck next weekend, i'll be back with lots of pictures and good reports, I hope!  Happy sewing!  Cyndy

P.S. I have talked Mary into opening an ETSY shop after the show, she has named it The Crazy Monkee.
We'll keep you posted when it is open. 


  1. hello dear, i love everything you made..they are so cute..i am crazy for rag dolls..they are so much ME and yours one are super lovely..
    keep well dear and happy sewing xxx

  2. Hey Cyndy,
    looks like a great fabric haul from Joann's. Love their coupons, I am heading there tomorrow myself. I just absolutely love those Raggedy Angels, they are just the cutest.
    Warm Wishes,

  3. Well done with your Etsy sales(what's your secret my orders are very few). I love your Christmas doll and the Little angles, nice work.
    best wishes julie.c

  4. Sounds like some good shopping a Joann's! I wanted to get there this weekend to but no such luck :( Love all your sewing, you do beautiful work.
    Enjoy the week ahead and I wishing you good sales at your sale.

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  6. all your dollies are SO cute. I know what you mean, I have a show in 3 weeks, NOT ready....need to get busy!!!!!
    Great deal at Joanns, Im almost out of my bolt of Muslim.....I will be doing the same thing!!!! good luck on your show!!!!!


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