Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Swap with Lecia

Look what I received from Lecia. Lecia and I recently did a private swap, she wanted a bagholder doll and I wanted a bonnet.  She made me the cutest little prim dress and bonnet to go along with the larger bonnet and she added a yummy smelling tart.

I love this little dress and bonnet, I have been eyeing the prim dresses on EBAY, but this is just perfect!

I love the colors on this bonnet.  Thank you, Lecia, you outdid yourself!

 I have been so very lucky to have great such  swap partners this past year.  This swapping becomes addicting but so much fun.  Once again, thanks Lecia for being a great swap partner.


  1. Those are amazing, great swap!

  2. Oh you better watch,Lecias bonnets are very addicting,lol!Great swap!Have a wonderful night.hugs michelle

  3. I love lecia's bonnets too.The bag holders you sent her were adorable too.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Cyndy, I am so glad that you like your goodies. I sure love mine!!! Thank you for swapping, it was so much fun!!! You really spoiled me. Hugs, Lecia

  5. Lecia is a doll. She and I do swap some, too. I am really enjoying the personal swap, too. I like knowing who I'm trading with and what I'm trading for. So far, from what I see on the blogs, everyone likes what is being traded. These days, it just makes sense.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I have been blessed to have swapped with Lecia and she has become a treasured friend. The items she sends are wonderful. Cyndy, the Raggedy bag dolls you make are darling. I especially like the sign you put on the Halloween one. A little humor is good for the soul, right?

  7. What a great swap !Love the colors Lecia chose for the bonnet and dress. The bag holders you sent to her were adorable as well.Have agreat weekend,Jen

    I think,You had a very fine swap.It's important to make both sides happy.No wonder-Your bagholders are really wonderful.I always have the picture on my mind of that one,all dressed in designed American Flag clothing.I think,I'd love to have one this kind:-)It's so typically American.
    I wish YOu the Nice & Sunny Weekend!


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