Saturday, March 19, 2011

What I am working on this Weekend ...

Hi, it is beautiful here, high today 87 degrees, so it is hot!  But no clouds, just lots of sunshine.  All of the dogwoods and azaleas are in bloom.  We've started our evening walks again, since time has changed.  We have also noticed lots of snake prints in the sand, so they are out big time, we live near the water, so lots of water moccasins around and of course, rattlesnakes once in awhile. This is picture of one of our dogwoods, they look much better in person, they are going wild all around us.

I made a few more dolls, another large one, this one using the fabric that I got from Wal-mart last, with the crows, corn and signs on it.  I know it is a little early for fall dolls, but wanted to use some of that material.  I made a little crow for her to hold with a tag that reads :  Crows Allowed.

Also, made these little girls, from a Ragg Bagg Babys pattern.  I used red hemp for hair on one and a red curly floss (that I have had for years, don't know where it came from).  I added the little apron with some stitching on it.  I realized I haven't made anything for the fall shows, so I am now trying to make two of all of the dolls, one for ETSY and one for the show.

 This is a picture of all the dollies--

If you get a chance, check out Dorothy's Doodles blog, she is working on a quilted wallhanging, a sewing theme, for me and is going to post pictures as she works on it, Dorothy is a co-worker and a great quilter. I can't wait for her to get finished, (hint, hint, Dorothea!)  

Hope you have a great weekend.  Cyndy


  1. You are the ragdoll queen, I love your dolls esp. the one with the crow, too cute!!! Hugs,Lecia

  2. Oh you're amazing...your dolls are just great!! You definately are the ragdoll queen!

    xoxo Gert

  3. HI:-)
    I see the beautiful Spring You have there:-)Here,at my place it is coming slower,but I can see the first Spring symptoms in my garden too.
    Your ragdolls are very pretty and You have made plenty of them:-)Nice fabrics,colours and patterns-I like them all very much.

  4. Hey Cyndy I like them all but my fav is the ragg bagg babies.

  5. So very Cute :0), all of them!


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