Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Weekend Projects and Can you Help Me Find....

Hi, finishing up a few projects this weekend.  We went shopping yesterday, and even my son, who is 19 went with us (I guess they sometimes don't mind being with THE PARENTS).  We took in a movie, Battlefield Los Angeles, which was not bad, very pro-military, ate at one my favorite places, Zaxbys and hit a few stores.

  I am looking for this type of yarn, a couple of weeks ago, I found a skein at Michaels, the last one and it was without the label (of course) and I picked it up to try it for doll hair, well, I loved it and now I can't find it any more. Does anyone know what brand or type of yarn this is, it is very coarse, fuzzy and a dark red/rust color.
 I also, reduced one of Oh Sew Dollin patterns and made some mini Raggedy Anns,  I love how they turned out, they can be used as a small doll, peg hangers or ornies.  I hope to have lots of these made for my show this fall.
 I also used some of the black checked fabric and that farm print material that I really like and made a bagholder and another Raggedy Ann.  I used the chicken pattern from an Oh Sew Dollin pattern and primmed it up some.

 I also, found this site that offers ornie, bowl fillers, etc. for a very reasonable price, I bought these for some of my dolls to hold.  She has them scented.  I plan to buy more from her.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. My co-workers and fellow bloggers (Debbie's Dodads, Country Doings and Dorothy's Doodles) plus some family members, plan to visit this little store next weekend in LaCrosse, a small town that has one Jiffy store and Fire Station and this store.  It is supposed to be a consignment, prim craft, antique and junk store in an old barn that looks like it is going to fall down (according to someone that has been there).  A friend has been there and came out with some really good "stuff" and cheap. I hope I remember to take my camera next week and will post some pictures if it turns out to be a "good" store.

Have a good night, Cyndy


  1. Those mini Anns are just adorable. Will look at my Michaels here in S. California.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  2. Oh these are just are just amazing!!

    xoxo Gert

  3. Hi, It may be call Angel hair yarn by Sensations. On my monitor it looks like it may be that...Hope this helps! Mary

  4. Such cute raggedys!! I know nothing about yarn. Sorry I can't help there but I will be following your fun blog!

  5. I love your new collection of dolls, they look fun.
    I don't think I could help with the yarn, only because I live in the UK. It looks like a brand of mohair yarn we have. I am sure someone will come up with something for you.
    best wishes julie.C

  6. Love the dolls..I am really bad at putting hair on dolls so I only make the prim dolls :)
    Hope you find your yarn

  7. I love the doll wearing the black check and farm print dress. Beautiful :)


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