Saturday, March 12, 2011

One More to Sign up for My Give-Away and more dolls ...

There is still time to sign up for my give-away, drawing ends tomorrow, March 13th.  Just click on the picture on the sidebar and leave me a comment.

Today, hubby and I went shopping, bought some more fabric.  A  Wal-mart near us still carries a fairly good line of fabric and I found several  that I couldn't resist.  I found the farm print design  and thought it would make a good apron for a doll and that black polka dot goes great with it.  I actually made a doll today with that fabric, she is pictured below.  I also found the fall fabric with the crow and corn sign for $2.00 a yard, I couldn't resist it, thought it would make some great fall dolls and I also found the watermelon print.

After shopping and eating at McAlister's Deli, we stopped at a Bucklers Craft show that was held at the fairgrounds, it was the first year that they were in this location, wasn't great, but they had one booth that had a lot of prim items.  I bought a framed sign that reads :  Happiness is Homemade, a set of stacking boxes that looks great in my sewing room, an old fashioned teddy bear and the small ladder, I bought that for display at the craft shows, it will hold my elves perfectly.

 A new dollie that I made this afternoon, with the watermelon fabric I bought.
and this is my favorite, she is a big girl, almost 30 inches tall, I used the black polka dot print with the farm print for the apron.  
I'll announce the winner of the doll, Monday morning, thanks for participating, enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Cyndy


  1. You are so lucky your walmart still carries fabric!
    I'm so jealous
    Thet discontinued it at all of them around me a couple of years ago.

  2. There aren't many Wal Marts left that carry fabric. It is beautiful fabric. Love the doll!

  3. Wow , Great snag on the fabric our walmart still carries fabric but it is two yard prepackaged units with a so so selection. Love the new doll and the dress. Happy stitching
    lil raggedy angie

    P.S if you find a bunch of typso on here it cause my eyes are crossed(hoping to win that generous gorgeous giveaway lol) and my toes , knees n fingers too ! lol

  4. Hi:-)
    Your new Dolls are really fantastic!:-)
    I like that one in 'watermelon fabrics'.They both are very cute-only to take and to hold:-)


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