Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Busy, Busy, where does the time go ....

Hi, I feel like I got a lot accomplished this week, finished up all but 1 order and made several more dolls.
I made this little Raggedy Mama with her newborn Annie.

Made some more Americana Dolls and another, these are from Sweet Meadows Farms Pattern and an Oh Sew Dollin Pattern

And more bagholders, all from Sweet Meadows Farm Patterns

and a Raggedy Ann and Andy, these are also adapted from a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern.

I have some new patterns ordered, can't wait for them to get here, ready to tackle some new patterns this weekend.  Hopefully, get some shopping done, need a little more material.  

My son is on Spring Break this week and has been sleeping in some, so when I got to work, I got this call from him, someone had broken in to his car and stole his GPS and Ipod, and rifled thru his glove box, luckily that's is all they took, he has all of his fire gear in the back, and I would hate to have to replace that.  We never lock our car doors, needless to say we are now and the front door also, usually leave it open during the day, but not anymore. My husband came home the other day early and found someone looking in our front window, and when he asked him what he wanted, claimed he was going door to door selling stuff.  We live in a nice quiet residential area.  

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Have a good night!  Cyndy


  1. Gee Cyndy that is terrible! Yes please keep your doors and windows locked, it sounds as if your neighborhood is being targeted for break ins! On the up side I love your new dollies!

  2. your new annies. I lock the doors when I go outside to work in the yard..the way our house sits, someone could go in the garage and into the house and I would never see them...until I went back inside. We just finished, about 2 months age, putting motion sensors with cameras, in our yard.
    Happy crafting

  3. How awful that your son lost his items from his car. Hopefully, they are covered under his car insurance. It is too bad that you are no longer as comfortable with your area as you were. Don't let it get you down though. Love all of your new annies. You are so talented and motivated! Good for you! Take Care and God Bless! Donna

  4. I love all of your dolls, the little raggedy baby is sooo cute!!!

  5. HI:-)
    All Your Dolls are fabulous!I love this style-I think-it's the typically American one.Those 'triangular' noses remind me my first rag-doll I had,when I was a little girl.I do not remember,who had made it and where it was from,but I think now,it must have been American one.The dolls You show here are happy in mood,have fine clothes in beautiful colours.I'd like to make the similar one someday:-)
    I am terribly sorry to have heard ,that the peaceful area can sometimes change into a worse one.Generally,we live in not very peaceful times and such things happened in past life,when I was living in Poland-Warszawa-the capital.Since I moved to Denmark,I haven't heard about such events even once.
    I have been to the USA three times in my life,mostly in NYC and Philadelphia.I was there as a guest of my American friends,living in the part of Manhattan,called as 'the richer one',where the citizens never closed the doors of their houses.I was so shocked and even said,that it was reckless and it would have finished in unpleasant way someday.They all were laughing at me,calling me 'overfragiled'.Yeah,maybe I am,but even here,in a very peaceful country,I'd better close the door of my house and put the car into the closed garage.
    Yhm...such times we live in...
    Warm hugs and Kisses-Halinka-

  6. These are all just are amazing!!

    xoxo Gert


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