Saturday, September 25, 2010

We've Just Been Tagged

Thought I would have a quiet evening catching up on new blog posts and saw that we have been tagged by Jennifer of  Stitch Anything.  Here are the questions :  I will answer mine tonight, Mary will do hers later.

1. Do you like quilted or super quilted – toilet paper?      quilted

2. When you use your sewing machine do you go barefoot, sock footed or shoes?    always barefoot

3. If you hear the mail person drive up to drop off your mail, are you excited and go meet them (like me) or do you dread the mail person?       love to get mail, especially packages

4. What type of music do you listen to? Do you dance if no one is looking? (Technically two questions.)
          Whatever is on the radio,  and I CAN"T dance.

5. Do you think it is worse to leave the clothes in the washer too long or the dryer?     in the dryer

6. Is there a craft you want to start but have not and why?    Yes, quilting.  I love it but it looks HARD

7. Do you like chocolate or dark chocolate or no chocolate?    definitely dark chocolate

8. How many cups or gallons (like coffee for me) of your favorite drink do you have in one day? I try to limit myself to one soft drink per day.

So, I guess it's my turn to tag someone, so here goes :  Diane, Wendy, Lecia,  Dena and Samantha.

Now for the questions :

1.  Have you ever played hookey (is that spelled right?) from work????

2.  Do you have snack attacks late at night?

3.  Which would you rather do, eat a home-cooked meal or grab fast food?

4.  What is your favorite holiday?

5.  Do you sing (or try to sing) in the shower?

6.  Do you "lie" about your age???

7.  What type of personality do you have ?

8.  What is your favorite craft?

Thanks guys!

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  1. Cyndy thank you for playing along - I love your questions also. Quilting is not hard at all - look at what you do now!


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