Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another week flies by ....

Well, we got thru another tropical storm, this one lasted 4 days and left us 12 inches of rain.  Lots of flooding in our area, we are high, so we weathered it just fine.  These are few pics in the area around us.  Snakes and gators are moving due to the rain.  My son helped move some baby deer that were stranded, we are afraid that something happened to the mama, they were laying in the middle of the road and had to be moved.  And now this weeked we are having 101 temps with the heat index of 110.  I will be so happy for fall to come early!

 I made my first scarecrow of the season, he is from a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern.
 I had a request for a doll to use at a baby shower, the theme was owl,and pink and brown, so I found a pink flannel with an owl print and made a small felt owl to go with her.  I think she turned out really cute.  I found the free owl pattern here : It's great for using up scraps.  I found another owl fabric at Walmart, so I will be making more of these girls.

I am still working on witches, I have one more to go, this one will have white hair, I found the material to make her today at Hobby Lobby.

I found this little kitty curled up outside of the Kangaroo, we had seen her there a few days early and she was so skinny, it seems that the Kangaroo employees have adopted her,there is food and water out for here and  she has put on some weight.

Last Saturday, my SIL and her son, were here for a visit, we played tourist and went to St. Augustine.  

 We went to the Old Fort ....

 We went to Ripley's Believe It or Not museum and walked the restoration area, and had a yummy lunch at the Columbia.
Luckily the rain held off until we were finished.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend and has a happy and safe July 4th.


  1. We only had about 5 inches of rain and now it looks like we need more. But at least it hasn't been as hot. I would love to go back to St. Augustine and spend the day. LOVE your scarecrow and your precious dolls. I might try to make an owl! Hugs!

  2. Wow Cyndy. Hope you guys stay safe with all the snakes around. I hate snakes. Stay cool in the heat too. Love all your new fall creations. :)


  3. ugghh. we got 15" here in New Port Richey, but luckily we're on higher ground, too, and didn't see any of this kind of flooding in our neighborhood. But, we did have real heavy winds, that blew down LOTS of trees close by. We lost power from 5pm-11am--made for a hot/humid night to sleep! especially since my husband's on oxygen and we're used to the a/c going all the time! It wasn't until we had the power back the next day, that I realized how bad the flooding was in so many areas of our town! Still the water's high, and roads are closed in lots of areas...

    Thanx for sharing the owl pattern, and the dolls are so cute! Scarecrows always steal my heart ~ I love all things autumn ~ {Especially the cooler weather! It'll be here before we know it! Can you believe June is over already??!}

  4. Wow! That's a lot of rain. Send some our way. My prayers do go out to all those folks that got too much.

    Love your scarecrow and the witches. I would love to see the one with the white hair!


  5. Love your scarecrow Friend.
    SO cute.
    Praying you stay safe and dry.
    The storms sure have been bad.
    Beautiful family.

  6. No rain here on Cape Cod on vaca just muggy,crafting away,look for mynewest on theblog!

  7. No rain here on Cape Cod on vaca just muggy,crafting away,look for mynewest on theblog!


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