Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Update on Fires and such

Hi, just a quick update --the fires are still contained, we still have had no measurable rain, triple digit heat and nothing but smoke.  But we're still here. Tomorrow we are hoping for some rain finally, keep your fingers crossed, I know some of you are getting lots of rain, so send some our way! please.

I am so ready for fall and some cool weather.  I am working on this scarecrow, the pattern is from Sweet Meadows Farm.  I love her designs.  Finished painting his tennis shoes and stained the gloves, now for the fun part, clothes and adding his straw.  there is also a large prim chicken that goes with him.

 This is another favorite of mine, from Old Road Primitives, this little guy was popular last year.
I was catching up on blogs the other nite, and saw that the Polka Dot Primitive Pig had a lot of new designs using old tins and such.  She had a doll on a big jar with balls of crochet thread in it.  She has a new Mammy Pattern out that she used for the design, until I can order it, I used another pattern by  Ragg Baggs and turned her into a stump doll and used some fabric, Jennifer of Stitchin Thyme had sent me, with the buttons and attached her to a pint jar and added buttons and thread to the jar. Mine is not as prim as Polka Dot Primtive Pigs, but I was happy with her.
 Also, starting some Christmas decorations, this tree topper has always been popular.
 and of course, some more Halloween items, another bagholder, using a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern.

and another Halloween doll.  I found those mini  alphabet stamps at Michaels, for $1.00 each for the set.  They are perfect for those small round tags.
I hope everyone has a great end of the week.  And please send us some rain.  Cyndy


  1. Oh there all so beautiful!have a wonderful night!hugs michelle

  2. Cute-cute-cute! You sure do keep busy!
    Glad you feel a bit safer.......

  3. Cyndy: Cute as your jar did you get her to sit on the jar top? hot glue?
    patti ;)

  4. Cyndy, I have the same scarecrow pattern. Haven't made him yet, but am in love with yours already. I have got to try and get one made. Love the Merry Christmas star also. Glad to hear you are ready for fall. Thought if I said it out loud everyone would BOO me off blogland. If they do we will run off together and work on our fall/christmas crafts. Love all your goodies. So glad you are safe from the fire. Have thought of you. Take care

  5. So many cuties! I'm starting on fall and Halloween too, though it finally just turned summer the last two days. Someone turned up the heat and everyone is noticing! I promised not to complain when it did, and I haven't-trying real hard keep that promise! So many places are needing rain and I keep praying it reaches all of you.
    Take care and try and keep cool.

  6. thanks for stopping by my blog and signing for the giveaway..good luck!
    I'm working on autumn things too....its just starting to get warm here.....

  7. oh I love your dolls and that little scarecrow is going to be do nice work..

  8. Hello:-)
    I'm so happy,You are still at Your place and home.Good news about the rain,of course,I'm keeping my fingers cross for the massive rain to put the fire out eventually.
    Also happy to see Your Work still going on and...the prettiest bagholders I've ever seen.We could think about a little swap,or so?I'd be enchanted to have one from You,maybe dressed in the fabrics with American Flag's design,as it would be typically American...hmmmm...what do You say?
    Best Greetings to You-Halinka-

  9. Hello Cyndy!

    So glad to hear that your holding your own there. I hope you get rain soon! I keep hoping for a cool front to move in here. I want to open windows and enjoy the fresh air so bad.

    Love your latest creations! The doll on the jar is too cute! I will have to check out the blog you mentioned. I love the Halloween dolls too!

    Take care and Hope you get rained on! :)

    Debbie K

  10. Wonderful creations!
    I hope you get much needed rain!
    Best wishes

  11. I am sending rain your way.. we are having it today and forcasted for the next 2, so I am huffing and puffing and blowing it to you.
    Love all your creations. Hope you post a picture of the scarecrow with his clothes on, can't wait to see the finished product

  12. Hi Cyndy, so glad you are still okay. It has rained here one time since the beginning of March. I have watered the garden every day since then. It is almost to the end and in a way I am glad. I would like for the tomatoes to go on and on, but all good things must come to an end. I will go over to check out the Polka Dot Prim site...she has some cute things. I come to your site for is just so hot I don't feel like doing much. The little button jar annie is cute and the fabric has buttons. I have bought several mice from you, (you do such an outstanding job) but I am making 2 this week from an Old Road Primitive pattern but they are still not as cute as yours. I have tried making them before, but after making these, as I look back, I think it was the pattern...they just did not look like a husband gets joy from telling everyone about that mouse. Hope you have some at the Fall Show.

  13. Hi Cyndy,
    You have been working hard. Love your new stuff.

  14. Wow,you have been busy !Love all of your new goodies !Hugs,Jen

  15. Cyndy,
    Hugs and Prayers for the safety of your family, home , friends and neighbors, hope it rains soon ! Hope you are well my friend! I am so loving all your new creations , but you know Im such a huge fan anyway! Take care! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  16. Wow Cyndy, you are one talented girl!! I love your scarecrows, I love scarecrows and your doll on the jar with the spools, what a great idea!! Love your Christmas star and of course your Halloween bag holder doll!!! Sure hope you received some rain. Hugs, Lecia


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