Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Saturday Finds and New Projects

Mary and I visited our favorite "junk" store again.  I found lots and even my hubby found some things.
I got all of this for $12.00.  I love the sheep wallhanging ($3.00), a little paper mache crow box ($1.00), sheep magnets (25 cents), wooden watermelon slices ($l.00), table runner ($3.00), 3 beanie bears($1.00 each), the doily(.25 cents) and the toy blocks (which I got for a whopping 50cents).  Great store and great prices.
 I finished 2 sets of the these little sisters today. They are a Cat and the Fiddle Design.
 And my big girl, She is 34 inches tall.  She is made from a pattern by Plum Patch.
 I had been wanting to try my hand at printing on fabric, finally did it,  I bought the crow pattern from Pattern Cupboard.  It was soooo easy, just iron freezer paper onto the back of the muslin, cut to 81/2 x 11 inches and feed thru your printer, as you would paper.
I also got an Elf feedsack logo, that I want to make up, to go with my elf dolls. Hope you all have a great week, it is supposed to be warm here, in the 90's.    Bye, Cyndy


  1. Wow, great finds! I love the dolls you finished they turned out great! =)

  2. What great finds at the thrift store. I want to go junking so bad but I have so much stuff to use already...sigh! I'm addicted to collecting! Love the new raggedies...too cute. I keep wanting to try printing on fabric too...but I'm too afraid I'll screw up the printer...but we do have a new one sitting in the box still, so maybe I will give it a go and throw caution to the wind.


  3. I hate to say that I'm like Dee wanting to try the printing on fabric but to scared to! You got some good stuff at the junk store!


  4. I would love to try that but still a bit leery of failure. I know I will eventually.
    Love your new goodies.
    First city wide garage sales this weekend--3 cities. I can't wait!
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  5. You found some wonderful things....love the dolls you make...I am a long time fan of Raggedy Ann.....even have a blog about her :) but,you may already know that!

  6. I love the crafts and things you purchased..i am trying to find that crow pattern on the pattern cupboard and can't seem to find it..can you tell me what page it is on? have a wonderful day.;)

  7. Hi Cyndy... another group of treasures from the junk store...great stuff. I have been fearful about printing on fabric. I have already bought the pattern..it's just sitting there in My Documents waiting....just can't work up enough courage to actually do it. I have visions of the process jamming my printer...it already has an attitude problem. Your pillow looks great..and love the big doll. Love Big Sis and little Sis - I have the same pattern and love it..always turns out great.
    Happy Crafting

  8. Thanks for the info on printing on muslin..I have been using spray glue and putting fabric on card stock..I will have to try the freezer paper if I can figure it out from your directions. Did you have the picture in your album and then printed it?
    Looks really good :)

  9. I looked in pattern cupboard and couldn't find the iron on patterns..Could you email me a link when you have time nancy.huggins@gmail.com..I really like the feedsack look :)

  10. Oh what primilicious thrift store finds !!! Lucky gal !

    Margie at Hungry Hook Primitives

  11. You made it sound so simple...printing logos on fabric...well today I tried it. I cut the fabric and freezer paper to a size of 8 1/2 x 11...ironed the glossy side of the freezer paper to the fabric. I let it cool and put it in the paper tray and started printing. It made a strange sound and then all the lights came on and the printer stopped. I had to remove the paper/fabric with hemostats..gave it a tug and it all came out. I decided to try it again..this time on a thinner piece of muslin...put it in the paper tray and the same thing happened...only this time it was harder to get out and there were all these little threads in the printer. I then called Staples and I will be buying transfer paper tomorrow. The good thing about all this is that my printer still works. I had visions of buying a new one.


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