Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm in the mood for fall holidays ...

As you know, I love Halloween and Christmas, so I have decided to start making more of the fall and winter items (even though we are having almost record heat, up to 98 a couple of days ago)  I've been wanting do another pennyrug and found this pattern by Prindle Mountain Primitives.  I have another from Brenda Gervais, with a black cat that I want to again, since I have the woolfelt again.

 I also made some more of the little Raggedy Angels, from I'MSEEING RAGGEDIES, and made them more Americana, this time.
 And another Halloween bagholder, a pattern by Sweet Meadows Farm. I am anxious for the holiday fabric to come out, It is sooooo expensive to buy online.  I noticed that Joanns is slowly adding more holiday fabric.
 I received a surprise in the mail from Lil Raggedy Angie, we recently did a swap and I mentioned that I wanted to learn how to make bears, so she sent me this book to get me started.  It has the cutest bears in it.  Thank you, Angie!
 And another holiday Annie, I had these candy canes and I found this material at Joanns on a bottom shelf, and thought perfect.  I used an Oh Sew Dollin Pattern.
I hope everyone has enjoyed there holiday weekend so far, my hubby was away, so it was just me and my son, I bought some of the Tony Roma Ribs that are already cooked,  and some corn on the cob and a salad for dinner.  My son is so easy to cook for, as long as he has meat and a side, he is satisfied.  Hubby gets back tomorrow, so I imagine we'll be grilling out.  Enjoy tomorrow!  Cyndy


  1. That was so nice of Angie to send you the book, can't wait to see how the bears turn out nothing I would attempt!

  2. Cyndy,

    Love the penny rug. All the raggedies are too cute! Have fun making the bears.


  3. Yep, soon I will have that same feeling of wanting to start crafting for the holidays. In fact, I really need to start now for the Nov show! Your raggedies are sooo cute!

  4. Cyndy,
    Love all your new Sweeties , you know Im a huge fan. Think cool and Ill take 98 all I can get at this point I got my first sunburn today FINALLY! I can't wait to see your bears,( my lil secret I always do my first run in cheap felt before moving on to faux fur or mohair ).I can't wait to see them once you make them as Im sure they will be just as Gorgeous as your Raggedies. Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  5. Those raggedy angels are so cute Cyndy! Have a wonderful Memorial Day.


  6. Cyndy, I love all your new creations, you talented girl. And Angie is the sweetest, it was so nice of her to send you the book on bear making. Hugs, Lecia

  7. Love all your goodies. So glad to see someone else working on fall and christmas items. I do all years since I only do one big 3 day show Labor Day weekend. That seems to be what my customers want. Can't wait to see you create bears. Bet they will be darling. Love your work. Have a great day.

  8. Hello:-)
    Thank YOu very much for the visit in my blog-i'm always very happy to have comments from You,though because of the recent technical problems of Blogger+Microsoft,You had disappeared from my 'reader's list' and I had to take Your Blog into the observation again.I've changed the browser into the Firefox now and all the problems have vanished entirely.
    I see we both have thought of Fall-me-with my jewels-You with the Halloween pattern,which I like very much.The 'Raggedy Angels' are so cute,that only to take and to hold:-),but the most beautiful is a Halloween bagholder:Your Bagholders are really incredible.
    When I look at Your dolls-I miss sewing a little,but maybe someday I will come back to my dolls making.
    The weather is very beautiful here.Me and my husband often cook outdoors.It's always a pleasure and tastes really better:-)
    Greetings and Hugs-Halinka-

  9. love love that fall penny rug..Can I ask you a do you attach the pennys on the ends..I have been wanting to do this on some of the ones I make..but haven't figured it out yet..or been doing any stitching for that matter..:) take care and thanks again..)


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