Wednesday, May 18, 2011


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It has been just like Christmas this week, when I got home Monday, there was this huge, heavy box waiting for me.  Linda at Parker's Paradise and I did a swap, she sent me some really great things : a prim little wagon, prim whisk broom, ditty bags, towels, dough bowl, a little crock,  and wooden painted spoons

 here are some pics of the ditty bags, one had some Christmas towels in it, and some of her painted spoons, which I absolutely love.
 this great little wagon, it will be perfect for displaying some of my dolls and that bowl will be perfect for displaying some of the loot I got from Dee (see below)  Thank you, Linda!!!
 I was also paired with Dee of Ice House Crafts in Amy's Farmhouse Summer Swap. I received a sign, two sets of painted blocks, one with bees and the other Americana, 3 Americana pinwheels, 2 bags of salt dough fixins with potpourri and a bag of button salt dough fixins.
 This is a close of my new "sign", which I am so excited over.  So how nice it looks perched up there!  Thank you Dee!
 Thank you Linda and Dee, you are the best swappers.  Thanks to Amy for hosting this swap, she is now signing up for another swa she is hosting.  Click on her link above.

This is another doll that I just finished, I did her hair like the little Mother's Day doll that I purchased off of EBAY, love the way she turned out, will be making more of those.

Just wanted to share this story, my son, who is a volunteer firemen, got a call today, they were to respond to a 911 call about a cat up a tree that couldn't get down.  Well, when they got there, Animal Control , a county commissioner and 2 engines were on the scene. Animal Control couldn't figure out how to get this cat down, as he was way up there, the guy tried the ladder, it wouldn't reach, so they get a tarp and these 4 guys are holding the tarp under the cat and one uses the hose and they spray the cat down. I'm not sure to congratulate them on getting him down or to yell at them.  David said the cat looked fine, he took off running, I would too, if that happened to me.

Hope you all have a great week, I'll announce the winner on Saturday.  Bye, Cyndy


  1. Oooooh, I love the sign from Dee! I knew she makes awesome signs but I didn't know she also makes salt dough bowl fillers. Great!
    I'm glad you like the wagon. I thought it would look super with dolls. You said bench and about all I had was stools. Those would not have been as good as the wagon. I love making those ditty bags. If you ever want more, just let me know. I have a different system than most for the aging. I do candles, too. Not for burning but for prim displays.
    Now, I'm really excited to get my surprise from you! Thanks, Cyndy. I hope I made you smile!

  2. BTW~ I feel horrible for that cat! He would've figured it out eventually! Linda

  3. You hit the jackpot on your swaps. However, I saw what you gave to one of your partners...and they didn't get short changed (from you) at all! You are so talented! That poor cat...I bet he had quite a story to tell! Take Care and God Bless! Donna

  4. Wow!! Cyndy you sure did receive some awesome goodies! Love the sign Dee made ~ ir's awesome!
    Your doll turned out wonderful!
    That wasn't very nice to do that to the cat ~ must be a guy thing.
    Prim Blessings

  5. Love the sign dee made you! That Linda is a sweetie always very generous.I can't believe it took that many people to rescue a cat in the first place,he would have came down when he was Blessings!~Amy

  6. Cyndy,

    I am so glad that you like everything that I made for you in Amy's swap. It was such fun to do and I love everything that you sent to are an awesome swap partner too.

    Now, Miss Linda sent you some cool things. The little wagon will be cute filled with your raggedies...too cute in fact. Gotta find me a whisk broom to prim up as I sit and drool over all that I see on everyone's blogs...sigh...some many prims to acquire!

    As for the cats rescue...I would have taken off running too! What were those men thinking? Poor baby was probably scared out of it's wits.

    Have a great day.


  7. I love the sign but everything looks beautiful.

  8. Love all your goodies - you certainly are a lucky one!

  9. You got some great goodies.. Love the doll.

  10. Hi Just getting around to visiting your blog and am following you back. Thanks for stopping by Thru Nanas Window. Love your goodies. Linda is a charm isn't she? Sending wishes to you for a great weekend.


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