Friday, April 8, 2011

Projects and Loot in the Mail

I took today off, we had some remodeling work done on our bathroom, so I was able to catch up on some ordesr. When I went to the mailbox today, it was like Christmas, two boxes and a pattern that I had ordered.  I received my give-away win from Karen of the Barely There Primitive Bear,@ Prim Pals,  a wonderful little covered silhouette box, thank you Karen!

And I received the 2 framed chickens painted by Barb of that I  had ordered. She also included a painted Chicken magnet, that is on my fridge as we speak, Thank you, Barb!

Barb had them all wrapped up with a surprise little Rooster magnet.

My chickens and Magnet

All my loot, I ordered a pattern from Mulberry Memories, a Raggedy Ann with  a watermelon slice and a crow.  I hope to get some time to start that one soon.

I have been working on these this week, Raggedys with chickens and Mini Raggedy Ann and Andy sets.  I realized the other day, that I didn't have much made for the shows this fall, so now I am making 1 extra of everything I make and putting back for the show, because November will be here before you know it. I used a Sweet Meadow Farm pattern for the larger dolls and an Oh Sew Dollin one for the little guys.

A close-up of the mini couple.

I did't find the yarn I was looking for, but I did buy this off of EBAY, it is a Mohair yarn and came from Turkey, I got 4 skeins for $4.99 and shipping was $9.90, so there were only around $4.00 each.  They delivered withing 4 days, now that is fast service. I used this yarn on the dolls above, I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Tomorrow, hope to hit JoAnn's, need some more fabric, of course and I will probably end up spending too much money again.  Hope everyone has a good weekend.  Cyndy


  1. Oh Emm Gee, I love those chickens!!!

    God Bless~

  2. I love your chicken pictures and your dollies are always so cute!

  3. I love those chickens , barb does fantastic work! Im loving all those new dollies you have got alot more done than I , the lil couple is Ta Die For ! Enjoy your new goodies and your day!
    lil raggedy angie

  4. Your pictures are so cute. I love chickens and your dolls are so pretty. You have a blessed evening. Janice-Black Creek primitives


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