Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Share Some Stash Swap with TJ

 I was recently paired up with TJ, of the Prim Pals forum, for a Share Some Stash Swap.  Each person was to send a yard of fabric and several other craft items from their "stash".  When I arrived home this evening, there was this huge box waiting for me.  TJ sent me alot of "stash".  I got lots of fabric, patterns, rusty things, sweet annie, a green bag, lace, walnut ink, a little covered box and lots more.  She also included a prim jar that she made, it included buttons, rag balls and fabric covered spools and a little bench that she thought I could use for my dolls, which I can.  Thank You TJ!!

This is the little jar she made, it is so cute, I forgot to mention the vintage photo cards, they are at the bottom of the picture.

Well, almost bedtime, hope you have a good week.  Bye, Cyndy


  1. TJ sent you some great stuff! You can never have too much material! Can you?

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Wow Cyndy, now that's a stash! Wonderful goodies from TJ, lucky you! Deb

  3. I have heard rumors about TJ's stash.... Looks like you got some great goodies!

    Debbie K

  4. Wow! How nice! Have fun with it ~*~Lisa


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