Monday, January 17, 2011

My weekend projects

It was nice to have three days off, the only thing we did was buy a new car for my hubby, his truck was worn out, so he bought a Honda Fit.  The other 2 days, I did alot of crafting.  Dolls, of course!! Today, it rained all day, so a good day to stay and in and sew. The one in blue is one of my favorites so far, she is holding a tattered bear.  I found some cute little teddies at Pier 1 after Christmas and they were only 50cents, but I found out that they only had one ear, a stocking cap covered the other side and when that was taken off, NO EAR, so I cut it open a little and pulled a little stuffing and added a patch to his belly and he looks well loved.

All of these little dolls have found new homes and will be in the mail soon.

My favorite!!

 My Valentine Annie.This is the first time I used bright colored fabric, I tend to use prim and darker colors, I found some material with Easter bunnies that I plan to use next.  

 This was a special order for a Raggedy Lover, she wanted a little Andy holding a gingerbread man, to go along with Annie and her cat.

                                                        Another Annie and her prim cat.  

I have about ten "naked bodies" laying on the couch, needing faces, hair and clothing. So guess, I stop and get busy again.  Don't forget to sign up for our Sock Monkey Give-Away, just click on the Our-Give-Away on the sidebar, ends Jan. 21st.  Thanks, Cyndy


  1. Sweet annies. My favorite is valentine annie, she is so cute.
    Greetings, Diny

  2. They are adorable - I love the one wearing the blue check dress!! They are great!

  3. Love all your Raggedies...but,I think the last one is my to wonderful work....blessings

  4. They are all too cute. I like the Andy doll the best.

  5. As a true Raggedy Anne and Andy lover, I am totally in love with all of your adorable dollies! I especially love Annie with her "Prim Cat".


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