Monday, December 27, 2010

Holidays are Over and the Great Clean-up Begins

Well, the holidays are over, I packed up all of my Christmas things today.  I always like the way the house looks after the holidays, everything looks so nice and neat, for a little while anyway.

 I started working on my craft room, I got lots of samplers this year as presents, so I added them to my wall of photos above my work space.
This is my desk, where I am going to try to keep my paperwork, it usually ends up on the couch, piled in the corner.

More photos and samplers ....

 Behind the pegboard are plastic bins, where I store my finished crafts, the ones hanging on the board are on my ETSY site now.
 I like to collect cats and these are a few of the cookie jars and canisters, plates that I collected over the years  The wooden cats hanging above the plates, was one of my gifts from Mary this year.
 The messy part of my room, I haven't gotten to that side yet.  I plan to go thru everything and get rid of stuff that I don't use.
This is my prim Christmas Tree,(which is still up) that has all of my swaps on.  I plan to keep it up thru the year, I am now doing the first one of 2011, a Valentine ornie swap and another Valentine gift swap, thru Prim Pals.

 This is the finished Halloween doll that I started last October and finally finished her. She is on her way to her new home along with the Americana doll below.
This is another one I finished up today, as you can tell, Raggedies are my favorite doll to make.
And last, I wanted to share this great Santa I won off EBAY from Liberty Folk Art, I got him for $28.00, I was the only bidder on this one and I think I got a great deal.  (Not sure why the picture is soooo small) He is 2  1/2 feet tall, can't wait to see him, he was shipped today.

Have a happy New Year! Check back for our first give-away of the new year.  It will be a large sock monkey. We had a lot of comments about the mini monkey that was in our Christmas give-away, that I want to try another one.  Cyndy

P.S. We actually had some snow flurries in Northern Florida, on Sunday.  I've seen the pic's of everyone else snow, wish we had enough to make a snowman!


  1. looks great!! love your annies!! Great deal on the tall Santa!! Is the sock monkey your own pattern? Would love to make one too!!

  2. I too took down all my decorations..and I am in organizing mode and getting some things I want to get done around the house..I have new curtains to hang etc..;)have a wonderful week "kitty" found a new home with some other kittys to keep him company.he is on a prim cabinet in my dining room.;)

  3. Cyndy your space looks so neat. I close the door to my dining room because I have stuff all over in there. What little decorations are still up here. Its always been tradition in our family to wait after the New Year to take them down. Was always told it was bad luck and heaven knows I don't need anymore of that! lol

    Love the Santa you won on Ebay! Bet he looks even better in person.

    Take Care,

    Debbie K

  4. Hey Cyndy - your place is great. Love all your dolls and the Santa you won. I think we are doing a bunch of the same swaps again for Valentine Days!! Woo-hoo!!!

  5. Hi! The dolls are so cute! Especially the one in the green plaid dress :)


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