Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mary's Beautiful Swap Gift's!

My Package Arrived!

Each gift represents a letter from the word F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

A gorgeous fabric pansy zip bag...a notebook with a wonderful cover (alphabet fabric on it ....for my job....I work in the library). These were made by my mate, Elyte. I also received some great fabric actually made in Australia. Some needles...(always needed!).....wooden heart buttons...some really cute fabric squares of polka dots....ribbons....I was so lucky to get her for my "swappy". Thank you so much, Elyte. It is all very appreciated. So much fun to meet peeps and see how other's live, love and learn! The busy time of year starts now. Have fun everyone and happy happy joy joy! Good crafting to all.


  1. Lovely swap items and so useful too! Enjoy.

  2. Hi Mary, I enjoyed making those things for you and I hope they are of some use to you. The swap was fun and don't you love it when the parcel arrives - It's like Christmas. My daughter said your postcard arrived the other day and I will read it when I get home. Greetings from Amsterdam.
    Regards, Elyte

  3. Beautiful items Mary and so thoughtful, enjoy your treasures! Deb


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