Friday, August 27, 2010


Hi, we wanted to share a few of the items we have been working on.  We are SO ready for fall and cooler weather.  Our first craft show is coming up fast and still have lots to do.
The Snowman Nodder is the head from the snowman below (Crows Roost Primitives) and the other snowman is a new pattern from Country Stitches, as well as the mice pin keeps.
I love these little guys.

Snowmen (Crows Roost Primitives) and Santa Claus

While visiting the Rusty Thimble blog spot, I noticed her snowman giveaway and fell in love with that snowman, so I had to get the pattern.  Now I just have to find the wooden spindles.

We both teach craft classes at the public library, where we work, and just finished our summer craft extravaganza.  Our adult craft programs have been very successful.  Everyone is anxiously awaiting the fall program.  Happy Crafting, Cyndy.

 Now on to Mary ....

These are the Triplets of Belleville!

I am finally done with the dollies! This pattern is from "Bowls n Annie." They are so cute and old-fashiony looking. They are easy to make....but it always takes me a long time. Same ol' story....not making enough time .....for crafts! This thing called life....yipeee! Hopefully I will have something else to show sooner than later. Ta ta for now...............Mary


  1. Oh I love it all and the dollies are precious!!!!

  2. Had a fun and relaxing time at the summer craft lesson. I plan to attend in October. Thanks for all the work the staff did to prepare for the crafters.

  3. Love the babies. They are just too cute.

  4. You have been busy and thank you for the reminder that Christmas is around the corner. Yikes!
    I smile when I see decorative items with cute little mice or stories, songs or films about them. When faced with the real thing NOT so cute.
    Just working on a special project starting with "F".

  5. Hello Mary don't you love that pattern by crows roost it is so much fun. Great items you have made good luck on your show. Hugs

  6. I love the Santas in your pictures....did you make up the pattern or purchase it. I'd love to have it.

    All of your items are so cute!

  7. Hi, the Santa Pattern is from Kinsey Primitives, I used the basic body and changed the clothing and beard some. He has always been one of my favorites.

  8. ohh my gosh I just LOVE those mice...hugs Khris


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